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A lot of people in this day and age struggle getting capital together but they still want to be able to change their lives through trading, companies like Funded Engineer allow you to pay a small fee for a challenge to prove you are a profitable trader, if you pass the challenge they refund the challenge fee you paid, fund you with up to £1 Million and give you 80% of the profits you make which can increase to 90%! They can also increase your funding further free of charge if you have profitable months trading with the funded accounts. If you lose money trading the account you're not liable for the losses they are covered by Funded Engineer, however if you lose enough to violate the account objectives they will take the account away from you. This doesn't stop you being funded ever again though because you can redo another challenge at any time!

If you want to have a look at the challenges available and learn more about what Funded Engineer have to offer then click here! 

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