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Trading Course

The Trading Course is designed to take you from being an absolute beginner to a proficient, full-time profitable trader, aiming to be your gateway to success. Whether you're interested in mastering the forex market, delving into cryptocurrencies, or both, our lessons are tailored to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need. Join us as we empower you to conquer the financial markets and realize your trading goals. The course is made up of 4 core sections which give you all the important information you need without the extra useless bits to confuse you!

The Basics

The very basics of Trading. This section is for the people who have no experience with Trading, there will be both videos and written content helping you to set up everything you need for your journey ahead! 

Trading Syllabus

This will contain all the necessary theory behind Trading that you will need to understand price. The Syllabus is organised into sections and will lead you one onto the other so you can use what you have learned previous to aid you in the area you will be looking at next. Learning how to read price and Trade is a puzzle and the Syllabus will give you all of the pieces, you just have to learn it all and in the end the pieces will all fit together!

Psychology & Risk Management 

Trading isn't as simple as just learning and then practicing, when real money is on the line a lot of people start to lose composure and to help with that in the members section there is a written piece from TraderAz who explains how to stay calm and not let your emotions get the best of you which can potentially cause you to take less money from the markets than you should be. Risk Management is one of the most important aspects of Trading so there is a whole section in the members area to help show you how you can manage your risk to ensure you're able to be profitable long term.

Weekly Reviews

Every week TraderAz will post a review of all the Trades that are taken throughout the week, he will give you his before, during and after thoughts on each Trade and hopefully the videos can help increase your understanding and show you where you can improve! 

Best Value

Trading Course



A Full Trading Course Made For Everyone

Valid until canceled

Basic Trading content to get you familiar with the subject!

A full Trading Syllabus educating you on Traditional Markets

Weekly Trading Reviews

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