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Discord Group

The Discord Group is where I post all of my trading thoughts and ideas as well as my live trades throughout the week, you can ask me questions and get my views on any trading pair you want me to have a look at, I share the trading strategy I use with a lot of examples. it's not the same detail as 1-1 sessions but will still help a lot with your day top day trading! I have other profitable traders in the Discord who are also there to help you and give you more clarity in the markets, some are traders that I have previously mentored and others are funded traders that I know well.

I have multiple channels setup all with different purposes, I have a forex section where I post everything from my higher timeframe ideas to my live trades and then the same for crypto currencies, I then have a news section where I post more fundamental and news related content so you know when to expect high volatility in the markets and what they mean for specific trading pairs!

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