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How I got here...

I started trading full time in 2019 with very little knowledge and almost no experience, after experimenting with various different strategies and several blown accounts I found a setup that suited me, I was able to get a hold of my emotions to become profitable and then over the years I have managed to build up significant personal trading capital!

I have had many people asking for personal help with trading and also how they can get into it but there is simply not enough time for me to help everybody individually, I have launched all of the services below so you don't make the same mistakes I did which should help you become profitable a lot sooner!

The Trading Course was created to be accessible to everyone, It covers everything from understanding the fundamentals of trading to reading candlestick patterns, and even guides you in developing your own profitable daily trading strategy.


The course is made up of 4 different sections:


The Basics - This is essentially everything a new trader needs to know before getting ready to learn the concepts necessary to build a strategy.


Syllabus - These are the trading concepts you'll need to learn and practice so that you can create your own trading system which you'll use day to day.


Psychology & Risk Management - This is a written piece which should help teach you how to control your emotions so you aren't closing trades early and ruining your risk/reward ratio.


Weekly Reviews - These are weekly trade breakdowns I record showing you all the trades I took and why I took them which should help you with understanding the markets!

The Mentorship programme is a 1-1 service I offer where I give you whatever help you may need depending on your experience level, if you are brand new to trading I'll get you started with the basics and then personally guide you all the way through your journey in which you should be able to avoid the majority of mistakes new traders make in turn allowing you to be profitable much sooner. If you're an experienced trader but still struggle to be consistent I can look through your trades and we can work together to see where you need to improve in order to get you profitable.

The Discord Group is where I post all of my trade thoughts and ideas, I share my trading strategy and the live trades I take so you can see the markets in the same way that I do, members can ask me questions on things they're unsure of as well as asking me what I think of certain forex and crypto pairs. It's not quite the same as 1-1 sessions but it is good if you know what you're doing and just need a profitable trading strategy and some guidance!

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